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2022 leadership elections


The nomination period for NRHA's 2022 leadership elections is now closed.

Each position may serve up to two consecutive two-year terms. The only exception is the president-elect who serves one year in that role, the following year as president and his or her final year as past president.

Open positions

The following open positions will be filled in 2022:


  • President-elect 
  • Secretary

Constituency Group and Council Chairs
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)
  • Hospital and Health Services
  • Public Health CG
  • Research and Education
  • Statewide Health Resources
  • Students

Rural Health Congress
  • Health Equity Council (1 position open)
  • Hospitals and Health Systems (10 positions open)
  • Public Health (1 position open)
  • Rural Health Clinics (1 position open)
  • Students (4 positions open)

Nominee qualifications and responsibilities

NRHA bylaws require that any officer nominees must have been an association member for at least three years to be eligible for nomination. Additionally, president-elect nominees also must have served at least one year on either the Board of Trustees or the Rural Health Congress. Please note that all elected leaders are responsible for paying their own expenses to participate, including travel.

If you already hold a position, you may want to consider running for re-election to that position, or running for election to another position. NRHA members are encouraged to nominate themselves and others within the parameters outlined in the association bylaws (most positions are limited to two consecutive two-year terms). You may also nominate a qualified NRHA member for election to a position or nominate a current leader for a new position. If you choose to nominate someone other than yourself, that individual must sign the consent to serve section (part 5) on the nomination form.