Working with the executive branch 

The executive branch, which includes the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, and most federal agencies, is a critical partner in the implementation of programs supporting rural health care. NRHA frequently provides input on programs and policies by authoring letters and regulatory comments to ensure federal leadership considers the impact on rural providers. If you have any questions or concerns about upcoming regulations or policy actions, contact NRHA’s government affairs team


Policy agenda 

NRHA’s policy agenda  is developed by soliciting input from membership. Policies adopted by the Rural Health Congress are included in the agenda, which is approved each year by the  Government Affairs Committee. The agenda reflects the mission and values of the organization. 

Letters to the executive branch  


Regulatory relief 

NRHA stands ready to provide information and assistance to the Biden Administration as they work to protect and enhance rural health care. NRHA has identified regulatory actions that should be taken to further stabilize and support rural health care. 


Regulatory comment letters


Executive branch resources