Advocating for rural in the legislative branch

NRHA advocates before Congress using rural health legislative policies developed by the association’s membership on behalf of all rural health stakeholders. NRHA also serves as the primary rural resource for elected officials, policy leaders, and other organizations on the unique challenges and opportunities facing rural patients and providers. 

Tools for advocacy

Coordinated grassroots efforts by NRHA members and other rural health advocates are critical to ensuring rural and underserved populations have access to health care. These tools will help you advocate for rural health: 

Policy agenda 

NRHA’s policy agenda  is developed by soliciting input from membership. Policies adopted by the Rural Health Congress are included in the agenda, which is approved each year by the  Government Affairs Committee. The agenda reflects the mission and priorities of the organization. 

Letters to congressional leadership


Letters of support


​Legislative resources 


Congressional caucuses and coalitions 

  • The Senate Rural Health Caucus and the House Rural Health Coalition are made up of rural health champions in Congress. Each has passed significant legislation to improve the lives of rural Americans. We urge members of Congress from rural districts and states to join these important groups. 
  • The House Ways and Means Committee Rural and Underserved Communities Health Task Force (Task Force) convenes Members and experts to discuss the delivery and financing of health care and related social determinants in urban and rural underserved areas and identify strategies to address the challenges that contribute to health inequities.
  • The House Rural Broadband Caucus and Senate Rural Broadband Caucus are bipartisan groups of lawmakers working to strengthen rural broadband infrastructure and promote broadband deployment to increase connectivity and close the digital divide. 

  • The Senate Bipartisan Rural Working Group aims to identify successful ideas and partnerships to spur efforts to restore economic prosperity in rural communities across the country. The group also connects people and organizations with ties to rural communities who want to help address the many unique challenges that often hit rural areas hard. 
    The Congressional Western Caucus works to advance six basic objectives: economic growth, American energy security, local growth, private property rights, multiple-use, and agriculture and forestry.