NRHA Rural Health Congress

The Rural Health Congress is the policy-making body of the National Rural Health Association. Elected representatives from each of the association's constituency groups, State Association Council, State Office Council, issue groups and officers serve on the Congress. This gives broad grassroots representation that reflects the concerns of NRHA's membership. The Rural Health Congress determines the association's positions on public policy through a series of policy briefs and issue papers.

Please contact NRHA's government affairs office at 202-639-0550, ext. 2073 with any questions.

Rural Health Congress roster



Rural Health Congress Chair:
Elizabeth Crouch, PhD
Columbia, S.C.
Rural Health Congress Vice Chair:
Robert Duehmig 
Portland, Ore.

Toniann Richard
Lexington, Mo.
Joanie Perkins
Ruleville, MS

Kevin Bennett, PhD
Columbia, S.C.

Michelle Mills
Aurora, Colo.

Past President:
Leslie Marsh, RN
Lexington, Neb.


Clinical Services CG Chair:
Mina Tanaka, MD

Shiprock, N.M.

Federally Qualified Health Centers CG Chair:
Joshua Gilmore
Talkeetna, Ark.
Health Equity Council Chair:
Mary Katherine McNatt, DrPH
Kirksville, Mo.
Hospital and Community Health Systems CG Chair:
Jeremy Levin, M.H.A.
Sauk City, WI
Janelle Ali-Dinar
Omaha, Neb.

Patrick Avila
Central City, Neb.
Sherry Clouse Day, FHFMA
Springfield, Mo.
Kelly Erb
Aurora, Colo.
Kiley Floyd
Seneca, Kan.
Betty Greer
Deerfield, Kan.
Tammy Hatting, MPA
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Jared Heim, CPA
Dubuque, Iowa
Stephanie Hilton-Siebert, FACHE
Marion, Ind.
Ruby Kirby, MBA
Bolivar, Tenn.
Melinda Laird
Cordell, Okla.
Michael Milligan
De Pere, Wisc.
Hunter Nostrant
Newberry, Mich.
Jonathan Pantenburg, MHA
Portland, Maine
Steve Pautler, FACHE
Sainte Genevieve, Mo.

Sarah Ragsdale, RN
Smith Center, Kan.

Michelle Rathman, CPT
Geneva, Ill.

Angelina Salazar, MA
Grand Junction, Colo.
Jared Stimpson 
Evansville, Ind. 
Jordan Tenenbaum
Creve Coeur, Mo.
David Theroux
Clewiston, Fla.
David Usher
Richmond, Mo.
Heather Whetsell, MBA
Springfield, Ill.
Deborah Whitley, CPA
Waco, Texas
Past Presidents Council:
Tommy L. Barnhart
Silverthorne, Colo.
Public Health Status CG Chair:
Cody Mullen, PhD
West Lafayette, Ind.
John Gale, MS
Portland, Maine
Barbara Levin, MD
Madisonville, Tenn.
Beth O’Connor, MEd
Blacksburg, Va.
Timothy L. Putnam, DHA
Batesville, Ind.
Pat Schou FACHE
Princeton, Ill.
Research and Education CG Chair: Rural Health Clinic CG Chair:
Carrie Henning-Smith, PhD
Minneapolis, Minn.
Kate Hill, RN
Spring House, Pa.
Hana Hinkle, PhD
Rockford, Ill.
Rena Salamacha
King City, Calif.
Whitney Zahnd
Iowa City, Iowa
Dianne Davidson
Farmerville, La.
State Association Council Chair:
Lisa Rantz
Hilo, Hawaii
State Office Council Chair:
Natalie Claiborne
Bozeman, Mont.
Statewide Health Resources CG Chair:
Kristine Sande, MBA
Grand Forks, N.D.
Student CG Chair:

Eneka Lamb
Crestwood, Ky.


Jed Hansen, PhD
Papillion, Neb.


Lauren Canary
Roanoke, Va.

Anna Harmeling 
Stanford, Calif.


Justin Kearley
Johnson City, Tenn.