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8 guidelines for improving rural health equity

The Hippocratic Oath guides health care providers to be active members of society with the goal of disease prevention and medical care for all. Beyond medical ethics, this concept speaks to the very heart of health equity. Every person deserves the opportunity to attain their full health potential. Unfortunately, inequities are on the rise across the country, especially in our rural communities.

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CMS seeks to advance rural, tribal, and geographically isolated community health

Nearly 61 million Americans live in rural, tribal, geographically isolated areas, as well as U.S. territories that face similar but locally unique challenges regarding time and distance to health care facilities, health professional shortages, and other barriers. That’s why the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is working to advance health equity across the nation’s health system to enable people living and working in rural, tribal, and geographically isolated...

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