NRHA Testimonials

NRHA is unique among health care membership associations because it brings together practitioners, facilities, educators, state and federal agencies, and other professionals dedicated to advancing health care in rural America.
For more than 35 years, NRHA has been your on-the-spot advocate, building communities and coalitions in rural areas across the country. We aim to connect members with a wealth of resources, including the greatest resource of all: people who dedicate their lives to rural health.
Here is what some of our member have to say about NRHA:
  • “NRHA is the organization that best represents the health care concerns of most importance to me and to rural America.”
  • “Being a member helps keep me abreast of current rural health issues and provides educational opportunities and networking with like-minded people, which assists with my professional employment and passion for improving health care in rural and underserved areas.”
  • “NRHA is the leading advocacy agency for rural issues and has great staff who provide very broad expertise and advice.”
  • “NRHA’s national presence is integral to saving rural hospitals and rural community representation. Without the hospital, towns die. Thank you for all you do to represent us.”
  • “Originally I became member as a result of Alan Morgan and his presentation at a state meeting – he was so engaging. I continue to be involved as a result of an awesome staff to work with who are so dedicated to rural. Brock is always a great resource for everything – very knowledgeable with real-world rural issues. Maggie rocks it with advocacy, and Rob is the financial rock. I know there are many more who provide support to make this organization great.”
  • “NRHA's staff is very responsive, professional, and kind. NRHA provides great information to its members. I only wish I had more time to utilize services and informational resources.”
  • “The national network available through NHRA is essential to advancing rural health policy."
  • “I have found that I enjoy being a member because NRHA keeps me informed of the changes that happen with rural hospitals around the country.”
  • “I think NRHA is great. NRHA not only serves the individual but the whole family. NRHA understands in order to help medical problems other issues have to be addressed as well.”
  • “NRHA's staff is very considerate and aware of the needs of each state throughout the country.”
  • “I think NRHA is a professional association that is worthy to belong to because of the information they provide when I don't have enough time in my day to follow everything.”
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