Advocacy Campaigns

Congress needs to hear from you!

Through advocacy efforts, NRHA helps members of Congress, the executive branch, and federal staffers understand how to improve health and health care in rural areas.

We connect you and hundreds of rural health stakeholders with local, state, and federal lawmakers, ensuring our message to support or oppose legislation is heard by those with the power to enact change at every level.

Engagement in activities such as NRHA's annual Rural Health Policy Institute and ongoing grassroots campaigns allows NRHA members to actively participate in advocacy efforts to bring about needed rural health policy and legislation.

NRHA's three main advocacy priority areas include: 1) addressing rural declining life expectancy and rural equity, 2) reducing rural health care workforce shortages and 3) investing in a strong rural safety net. 

Rural Health Advocacy 101 Guide

As a rural constituent, sharing your perspective and expertise is vital to help your elected officials understand and address the issues impacting your community. NRHA created this guide to help members amplify their voices through the information and tools provided by the association. If you have any questions or would like more information or assistance, please contact NRHA's government affairs team.


Policy Leave Behinds

The documents listed below are resources to articulate specific policy asks on the issues you care most about. These papers are topic specific and can be used in your advocacy efforts to increase policymaker knowledge on challenges and policy solutions on critical issues facing rural communities.  Feel free to use these papers as a tool and follow up resource when you talk to your state and federal leaders.  

Current Advocacy Campaigns

Our advocacy platform gives you the power to reach your members of Congress with one click, while customizing content as needed, to allow you to maintain your unique voice.