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NRHA and 340B health need your help

NRHA and 340B health ask that you contact your lawmakers to protect rural hospital access to 340B in the event of an ACA repeal.

Both Congressional leadership and President-elect Trump have expressed interest in repealing provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA expanded 340B eligibility to rural hospitals—critical access hospitals, sole community hospitals and rural referral centers. This expansion has allowed many rural hospitals to better serve their communities at a time when far too many rural hospitals are closing. Eighty rural hospitals have closed since 2010 and 673, fully one third of rural hospitals, are at risk of closure. We must ensure that repeal efforts do not unintentionally remove rural hospitals from the 340B program. 

Please help educate your lawmakers about the importance of protecting the rural hospital participation in the 340B program as ACA repeal legislation is considered.  It is especially critical that your lawmaker understand how the 340B program helps your hospital serve vulnerable and low income patients and what the impact would be on your community if your hospital were no longer able to access 340B savings. Rural closures are already hurting the most vulnerable patients and the loss of the 340B program eligibility could further erode timely access to lifesaving care.

Here is a ready-to-send letter template.

Enter your contact information and hospital’s address below and hit “Submit” to access contact information for your lawmakers. You will have an opportunity to review the letter before clicking “Submit” again. You can send the letter as-is, but we urge you to personalize it with specific ways 340B savings help you provide care to low-income, rural, or otherwise vulnerable patients.

Additionally, please call your members of Congress and help NRHA and 340B Health educate Members of Congress and Congressional staff about the 340B program and its importance to YOUR rural community.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in preparing your letter, contact Diane Calmus at dcalmus@nrharural,org.

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