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NRHA applauds the withdrawal of 340B Mega Guidance

Last night the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) withdrew a pending regulations originally released in August of 2015 that included sweeping changes to the 340B drug program, known as the “Mega Guidance.” NRHA submitted comments to the proposed mega guidance in September of 2015 expressing multiple concerns with the guidance for rural providers and patients that rely on the 340B program.

The withdrawal of this guidance will provide relief to the 1,100 rural hospitals that are part of the 340B program and ensure vulnerable patients have greater access to necessary and affordable medications. NRHA is please the Administration removed these burdensome regulatory changes before they hurt rural hospitals that are already facing financial struggles in order to continue to serve their patients and communities.

This move is in light with President Trump’s campaign promise to reduce regulatory burdens. This week President Trump also signed an executive order requiring the elimination of two regulations for every one new one adopted. NRHA has been working with the Administration on eliminating a list of regulatory burdens specifically harming rural providers including the 96-hour rule and therapy supervision requirements.

However, the fight to ensure continued access for rural hospitals to the 340B program continues. NRHA and 340B health ask that you contact your lawmakers to protect rural hospital access to 340B in the event of an ACA repeal.

If you have any questions, contact Diane Calmus at dcalmus@nrharural.org.

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