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Congress listened to Rural America

House leadership has canceled a planned vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA). It is not known when, or if, the vote may be rescheduled.

Congress is listening to the rural voice and many members of Congress have mentioned NRHA’s opposition to the bill during the floor debate. NRHA is pleased Congress heard the rural voice and withdrew the AHCA. 

NRHA continues to meet with key members of the House and Senate to share concerns on the AHCA and health care reform in general to encourage policies that are essential for any health care reform to work in rural America.

Many provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are not working in rural America. NRHA urges members of Congress to protect rural Americans and develop health care reforms that improve access to health care in rural America, decrease rural uninsurance rates, and address the rural hospital closure crisis. The AHCA does nothing to address these problems and instead provides coverage for fewer rural Americans leading to poorer rural health outcomes and an increase in the rural hospital closure crisis.

Congress has long recognized the importance of the rural health care safety net and has steadfastly worked to protect it. And now, much of the protections created to maintain access to care for the 62 million who live in rural America are in jeopardy. We implore Congress to continue its fight to protect rural patients’ access to care.  NRHA will continue to work toward healthcare reforms that are needed for rural America.

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