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NRHA Journal Recognizes Article of Year

The Journal of Rural Health (JRH) has selected “Developing Telemental Health Partnerships Between State Medical Schools and Federally Qualified Health Centers: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape and Policy Recommendations” as its 2018 article of the year. NRHA will recognize its 2018 JRH article of the year at the association's Annual Rural Health Conference May 9 in Atlanta, Ga. The JRH Editorial Board selected the winner from all JRH articles published online last year.

The winning article is authored by John C. Fortney, Richard C. Veith, Amy M. Bauer, Paul N. Pfeiffer, Marcia Valenstein, Jeffrey M. Pyne, Gregory W. Dalack, Teresa L. Kramer, Lori J. Ferro, Karla Metzger, Jay H. Shore, Andrew D. Carlo, Sara Coates, Susan Ward-Jones, Ed Larkins, Erin Hafer, Stephanie Shushan, Donald L. Weaver, and Jurgen Unutzer.

Drawing on their collective experience launching telemental health (TMH) partnerships, the study’s authors make recommendations to state medical schools and federally qualified health centers about how to overcome existing barriers to TMH partnerships. They also suggest policy changes that would mitigate the impact of these barriers.

The article was published Oct. 4, and a print version will be published in the summer issue. Selection criteria included average downloads per month and evaluation by the JRH Editorial Board regarding methodology and importance.

“Both the editor and editorial board of the Journal of Rural Health see this article as addressing an important issue and offering practical and actionable recommendations for improving access to telemental health services,” says Carrie Henning-Smith, Editorial Board chair. “This article can make a positive difference in the effort to address widespread barriers to mental health care in rural areas. We applaud the authors for their work and are pleased to disseminate this work through the Journal.”

“Our rural research community serves a key role in the development of good public policy,” says NRHA CEO Alan Morgan. “NRHA is proud to select this vital and timely research as our article of the year.”

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