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NRHA Statement Condemning Racism

NRHA stands in solidarity with communities of color as we fight against the systematic, individually mediated, and internalized racism deeply embedded within our country and its institutions. Structural racism is a public health crisis, and its effects are detrimental to the physical and mental health of all individuals and communities. It is an underlying condition contributing to health inequities and the disproportionate burden of morbidity and mortality borne by racial minorities.
NRHA and the association’s Health Equity Council stand against the racial injustices that continue to plague our country, and we are committed to our mission to advocate with all communities of color, especially those in rural America. As a health-focused organization, it is our duty to ensure these communities have equitable access to environmental justice, education, housing, employment, and health care. We will continue to support the work of our Health Equity Council to ensure racism is addressed throughout our initiatives and policy work.
Communities of color and Indigenous communities in rural America continue to face greater barriers to positive social determinants of health and as a result, experience worse health outcomes and suffer from a higher prevalence of chronic and communicable diseases, including COVID-19. “NRHA was founded on the premise of equitable health for all, and in this vein we will continue to support our members and their communities across this country working to end these injustices,” says NRHA CEO Alan Morgan.
The fight against racism is an ongoing battle NRHA has been waging throughout its 43-year history – one that we commit to keep taking part in. We support our members as they work to strengthen health equity within all communities, and we will continue to provide a voice for our rural communities of color throughout the United States.

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