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NRHA continues work with All of Us Research Program

Each year, National Rural Health Day offers an opportunity to celebrate the power of rural by highlighting the unique health care challenges facing rural America and the many efforts underway to address those disparities. Better data is an important first step toward evidence-based interventions that consider the multiple dimensions of health – but obtaining, using, and sharing data continues to be a struggle.

That’s where the All of Us Research Program comes in. The mission of the program is simple: create the country’s most diverse health research database. To do this, the National Institutes of Health is asking one million people to provide the types of information that can help researchers learn how our biology, lifestyle, and environment affect health.
Alongside other groups including the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) is proud to continue our partnership with the All of Us Research Program. Healthier people and environments can transform the landscape of a community. With sufficient health research in rural areas, the public health and health care fields will gain the data and insights needed to establish a clearer picture of the state of rural health, as well as a clearer vision for improving health in rural communities. 
To ensure a successful partnership with All of Us, NRHA and NACCHO need the support and engagement of rural community members like you. We encourage you to take time to learn more and participate in All of Us.

View NRHA's press release.

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