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A new look for NRHA's National Rural Health Foundation

This National Rural Health Day, we continue to see the need for rural community stakeholders who can play a leading role in ensuring access to quality health care for rural Americans. The National Rural Health Association (NRHA) has supported this need for about a decade through the Rural Health Leadership and Education Foundation, now re-branded as the National Rural Health Foundation (NRHF). Our focus has always been and continues to be identifying emerging rural leaders and providing them with the educational resources and leadership training necessary to steward their community and rural health care.

NRHF has shown its commitment to rising rural health stakeholders by supporting two growing leadership-focused programs. NRHA’s Rural Health Fellows Program develops leaders who can articulate a clear and compelling vision for rural America locally and nationally. NRHA’s Rural Certification Program equips health care professionals with the tools to foster a wellness culture in their hospitals and communities.

As the alumni list grows, we are proud of how successful the Rural Health Fellows Program has been in identifying and equipping diverse local figures to serve as national rural health leaders. "NRHA’s Rural Health Fellows program helped me develop the skills to challenge the health care barriers and increase collaboration for improving rural health in Texas and improve policy education across the nation," says Dr. Vicki Brooks DNP, Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences APRN programs director and professional practice nursing assistant professor.

As NRHF continues to grow, we would like to reintroduce ourselves to the rural health world with a new look and a public commitment to continuing to cover the expenses associated with the Rural Health Fellows Program.

If you support our work and would like to play a crucial role in the development of rural leaders across the country, please consider celebrating National Rural Health Day with a donation to the National Rural Health Foundation.

Every donation will make an impact on a rural leader, and every rural leader will make an impact in their community.

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