NRHA's COVID-19 Advocacy Response Update

NRHA's COVID-19 Advocacy Response Update
NRHA's COVID-19 Advocacy Response Update

NRHA is here to be responsive to the needs of our members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our commitment to you is to provide you with the latest information and resources available to help you provide care for the patients of rural America. Additionally, our advocacy team continues to fight to make sure that you have the resources and abilities needed to control and manage this pandemic. NRHA will continue to: 

  1. Provide access to the latest COVID-19 federal information fact sheets, and resources. We have launched a COVID 19 Resource page linked here
  2. Continue our advocacy fight with the Administration and Congress to ensure rural providers have the resources needed to both provide patient care and protect their workforce. Here is what NRHA is fighting for;
  3. Provide an open-forum on NRHA Connect to allow real-time discussions of best practices, open concerns and shared information; and
  4. Be your voice. NRHA continues to work with federal leadership, as well as national, state and local media to outline the needs of you, our members, in this unprecedented time.

Over the weekend, NRHA's Grassroots Advocacy Forum generated quite a bit of feedback on issues relevant to you, our members. In summary, the thread included these topics:

  • Section 1135 waiver process
  • Waiver of the 72-hour rule (does it apply to Swing Beds?)
  • Rural Health Clinics (RHC) as an originating site for virtual E&M visits and billing for same?
  • Emergency licensure of physicians and other health care professionals to meet workforce needs for a growing demand for services
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) availability, stock outs of essential supplies

NRHA has brought these questions up with the Administration and we are waiting on the answers. Of course, if there are other topics or questions, please let us know directly, or share them online using NRHA's Grassroots Advocacy Forum if you're a member. For help logging in or to check your membership status, contact NRHA's membership team.

We thank you for your help thus far and encourage you to continue to advocate with us. We need Congress' attention now., so consider utilizing NRHA's COVID-19 letter to Congress.