When rural communities can identify their most pressing issues, come together to create tangible and sustainable solutions to their unique problems, and then have the proper channels to share the success of their efforts, we see some of the most glaring issues facing rural America addressed – especially in health care.
NRHA's Rural Community Health Initiative is designed to support and promote the innovative programs in rural areas that aim to move health care beyond the four walls of the hospital, without undermining the sustainability of these community hospital anchors.
This effort will highlight success happening in rural areas across the country with a special focus on the community-based programs under the 330A section of the Public Health Service Act. These programs provide funding to increase access to care in rural communities and to address their unique health care challenges. For more information on these grants and other programs, please consider visiting the Health Resources & Services Administration's (HRSA) Rural Community Programs website.

Impact of the Initiative

Evidence shows us that flexible programs such as these are leading to improved chronic disease management, reduced health risks, and enhanced access to health care for rural Americans. In full support of these innovative programs, NRHA will facilitate listening sessions, policy efforts, information dissemination of best practices, and various other convenings.
It is our hope that communication with leaders in rural areas, who know their communities best, will allow us to foster collaboration to address some of the most pressing rural health care issues. Through the gathering of information in these convenings, and as a result of these important programs, NRHA will be equipped to highlight the significant improvements made to the lives of rural Americans.

NRHA has released the 2021 Rural Community Health Initiative Compendium of Best Practices, which highlights successful community-based programming in rural areas around the country. The compendium features important best practices for showcasing innovation and collaboration and informing future programming. 

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