USDA Rural Hospital Technical Assistance

Through a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), NRHA provides several types of assistance to rural hospitals selected in collaboration with USDA. TA services will be provided under contract with NRHA by selected contractors who specialize in the types of services outlined below.


Process and Criteria

Through NRHA, USDA will provide selected rural hospitals with TA services to identify and address health care needs and strengthen the local health care system. The goal is to enhance hospital systems for improved efficiency and financial performance, bolster quality of care, and support the community. Prior to selection, hospitals will be interviewed by NRHA and complete an initial assessment to identify TA services needed. The total number of projects will be limited by cooperative agreement funding.
Contractors will be selected to work collaboratively with NRHA and qualified hospitals to coordinate planning and delivery of TA and report to NRHA to review progress and discuss next steps. Upon completion, contractors will provide a written electronic summary of TA activity along with specific action steps and goals for each hospital. The summary will include recommendations for ongoing implementation of best practices, strategies that support the completion of the action plan, and tracking and reporting of measures defined by the program and assessment report.


Application and Qualification

For more information and to see if your hospital qualifies, or to refer a hospital that would benefit from technical assistance, fill out the referral form and NRHA staff will follow up. You can contact Mory Bell for more information and assistance.


Project Goals

Possible project goals may include:
  1. Improving financial position and increasing operational efficiencies.
  2. Implementing quality improvements that support an evidenced-based culture for improved health outcomes.
  3. Increasing use of telehealth to fill service gaps and improve access to care.
  4. Strengthening the local health care delivery system to position for population health.
  5. Providing hospital board training through NRHA’s certification programs.