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Additional Legislation of Interest

HR 1044

Medicare Access to Rural Anesthesiology Act of 2011

Reps. Jenkins (KS-2), Akin (MO-2), Bucshon (IN-8), Cueller (TX-28), Heller (NV-2)

Amends title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act to provide payment under Medicare part A on a reasonable cost basis for anesthesia services furnished by a physician who is an anesthesiologist in rural hospitals in the same manner as payment is made for anesthesia services furnished by a certified registered nurse anesthetists in such hospitals.

HR 1398

Rural Hospital Protection Act

Reps. Graves (MO-6), Kind (WI-3)

Bill ensures that critical access hospitals continue to be appropriately reimbursed for provider taxes. In determining such reasonable costs for critical access hospitals with respect to cost reporting periods, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services shall include as allowable costs any health care related taxes.

S. 778 Protecting Access to Rural Therapy Services (PARTS) Act.

Sen. Moran (KS)

Unless the Secretary of Health and Human Services stipulates otherwise, therapeutic hospital outpatient services shall be paid if a physician or non-physician practitioner provides “general supervision” of therapy. The Secretary shall also establish a process for designating areas needed for direct supervision. This designation will be based on recommendations by practitioners and an advisory panel.

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