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Fiscal Year 2012 Appropriations Conference Report Released

Congressional leaders announced an agreement late Thursday night that will fund the federal government for the rest of fiscal year (FY) 2012.  The agreement falls in line with the budgetary caps created by the Budget Control Act of 2011 and includes spending levels for nine of the twelve annual appropriations bills.  The other three spending bills were agreed to prior to this agreement. The agreement, known as the "Conference Report" includes a $2 million dollar increase for the "Rural and Community Access to Emergency Devices" funding line.  Other funding programs, such as the Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant Program and the State Offices of Rural Health appropriation line, were continued at their FY 2011 levels. Funding for other vital programs, such as the National Health Service Corps, Area Health Education Centers, and Title VIII Nursing Programs were threatened in various versions of the budget.  The Conference Report, however, funds many of these vital workforce programs at or near recent history.  NRHA worked tirelessly with a number of partners to make sure these programs were funded appropriately and equitably. The agreement is expected to pass both chambers of Congress by late Friday evening.  The full Conference Report is available here.  Please contact NRHA government affairs staff with any questions.

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