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House sets votes on Senate version of Medicare Extenders

House Republican leadership held a press conference on Monday night announcing their plans to hold various votes on Senate legislation that would extend certain tax and Medicare provisions for two months.  Leadership expressed firm opposition to the legislation and predicted that the House would defeat the measure. House Speaker John Boehner has repeatedly advocated for a "conference" procedure that would allow House and Senate negotiators to reconcile differences in their versions of the extensions.  The House Rules Committee will meet late Monday night to set the procedures for the votes and a schedule for the votes will be released shortly thereafter.  Up to five votes are expected to be taken on Tuesday morning to approve the Rules Committee's recommendations, pass or defeat the Senate measure and set protocols for the conference process. NRHA continues to advocate for the inclusion of all expiring rural provisions in any legislation. Please continue to monitor this blog and NRHA’s congressional action kit for a full list of expiring provisions, updates and developments.

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