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House Leadership Makes Case for Budget Reconciliation

House Concurrent Resolution 112 (the "Ryan Budget") mandates that various committees submit plans for cutting spending over the next ten years.  This reconciliation process is designed to replace the 10 year sequestration that was implemented as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011.  Various committees, including those with jurisdiction over health care programs, have been considering various proposals for cutting spending. Today, Republican Leaders in the House of Representative sent a memo to members of their party outlining these recommendations. The proposals included by various committees include a plan to turn Medicare into a premium support system, block-grant Medicaid, reduce DSH payments, and lower provider-tax reimbursement allowances.  The full memorandum is available here: Reconciliation Memo 2012 Final. While NRHA recognizes the difficulties faced when finding areas to cut spending, we encourage all members of Congress to remember the great health care needs faced in rural communities around the country. Cuts to  rural providers will prove the most harmful to the most vulnerable. The nation's rural health care delivery system must not be destroyed.

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