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NRHA announces Washington fly-in for rural hospitals

On July 30-31, join NRHA in Washington, D.C. for the March of Rural Hospitals to protect funding for rural hospitals across the country. If Congress does not act by Oct. 1, funding for Medicare Dependent Hospitals (MDHs) will expire.  MDHs are small rural facilities that serve a high percentage of Medicare patients.  Expiration will mean over 200 MDHs will lose millions of dollars, causing many facilities to reduce services, or worse, close doors, resulting in a devastating impact on rural seniors across the nation. Additionally, hundreds more rural facilities will also be severely harmed due to the Oct. 1 expiration of the rural “low-volume” adjustment, a Medicare payment  for rural facilities who incur higher incremental costs due to a low-volume of Medicare patients.  The loss of such funding will also hurt rural patients, forcing rural hospitals to limit critical services or close facilities. Keep rural hospitals doors open.  Join NRHA in its march on Capitol Hill to tell Members of Congress to protect these rural hospitals and the rural seniors that they serve.  Visit our March for Rural Hospitals Action Kit and register for this free event.    

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