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Senators Schumer and Grassley Introduce MDH and LVH Legislation

On Monday, May 7 Senators Charles Schumer and Chuck Grassley introduced a bill that would extend the Medicare Dependent Hospital (MDH) and Low-Volume Hospital (LVH) programs.  Senate Bill 2620 would help avoid the pending expiration of both programs.  NRHA applauds Senator Schumer and Senator Grassley for their leadership in this important area and call on legislators in both chambers of Congress to act to protect rural hospitals. Important new data indicates that the Federal investment in rural health has significant benefits both for the rural patient and the tax payer.   In fact, small rural hospitals nationally have equal or better quality outcomes, and cost 3.7% less per Medicare beneficiary than their urban counterparts. These vital rural hospital programs are examples of the benefits of targeted, effective government action but will expire on October 1 if action is not taken.  Their continuation is critical to patients and providers. Join NRHA’s fight to protect Medicare Dependent Hospitals and Low-Volume Hospitals.  Learn more about NRHA’s campaign and a new study on the cost-effectiveness of rural health providers by clicking here.

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