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Make your voice louder election day and beyond with NRHA

One thing is certain: After today there will be change in Washington... And that means changes in rural America too. With the presidential election and new members of Congress set to be sworn in in January, your action is needed. NRHA’s Rural Health Policy Institute is a vital opportunity for you to educate new members of Congress, advocate for your facilities, and continue the fight to protect the rural health care delivery system. The new Congress will have many decisions to make about the future of health care in your communities. The continuation of Affordable Care Act programs, Medicare reimbursement rates, and Medicaid’s future will all be debated by members voted in to represent you. Rural advocates are needed to make sure that rural health interests are addressed. Vote today, and plan to make that vote count by participating in the largest rural advocacy event of the year Feb. 4-6 in D.C. Register here now to save.

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