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Senators send letter on rural Medicare "Extenders"

Thirty-one Senators sent a letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Finance Committee last week urging them to act quickly to restore the Medicare Dependent Hospital designation and the Low-Volume Hospital adjustment. The Senators pointed to S. 2620, the Rural Hospital Access Act of 2012, as the mechanism to extend these critical provisions. The Senators point out the critical nature of rural hospitals in their economies and the health care delivery system, “Rural hospitals deliver care to more than 60 million Americans and are the health and economic backbone for communities across our nation. These small, hardworking hospitals are often the sole source of comprehensive health care in their area, and are typically the largest employer, and economic engine, in the communities they serve.” NRHA applauds these Senators for standing up for rural hospitals and encourages all rural health advocates to engage their elected leaders in the fight to extend these critical provisions.  To read the full letter, click here. This letter shows the critical work that grassroots advocates do and the great work that they can accomplish. The National Rural Health Association's Rural Health Policy Institute is a great opportunity for all rural health advocates to come to Washington and meet with their elected leaders.  For more information on this event, and to sign up, click here.  

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