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NBC Political Director Says Rural/Urban Divide "Stark"

NBC political director and chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, today declared the "Rural-Urban political divide is as stark as it has ever been."  In speaking on a Washington, D.C. news radio station this morning, Todd said today's divided nation is no longer "red state verses blue state, it's rural verses urban."  He went on to say that many of the politically divisive issues such as gun control and abortion stem from rural and urban differences that are "cultural."   Is he right?  In the 2008  Presidential election, much of rural America was "purple."  In 2012, the color was definitely more red.   We hope to hear more of this interesting discussion during the 24th annual Rural Health Policy Institute, the largest rural advocacy event in the nation, where  Chuck Todd has been invited to speak.  For more details on the Policy Institute  http://www.ruralhealthweb.org/pi .  You can listen to Chuck Todd's full interview at http://www.wtop.com/774/3191975/Vice-President-Joe-Biden-will-soon-make-gun-control-recommendations-to-the-president. Please retweet Chuck Todd to let him know you’d like to hear more at our event.

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