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Kansas senator applauds NRHA members’ “commitment to rural”

Co-chair of the Senate Rural Health Caucus and a member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., kept 400 attendees of the National Rural Health Association’s Rural Health Policy Institute engaged on Tuesday in D.C. “Thank you for your commitment to making sure rural health is not on the back burner but at the front of everyone's minds,” he said. “Never fear. As the senior marine in Congress, we’re going to take the Hill one of these days.” When an NRHA member expressed concern about federal hospital regulations, Roberts responded, “I’d advise people going into higher education these days to major in Regulation 101.” He referred to the many rural health professionals and students attending the 24th annual event from Kansas as “my eyes and ears on the ground” and thanked rural health advocates from across the country for gathering in Washington to share their stories with members of Congress. “Your veteran experience in rural health policy is commendable,” he said. Click here for details on the Policy Institute.

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