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1 week to submit: We know you've got something to say

My small-town upbringing and almost six years at the National Rural Health Association have taught me that rural people are as humble as they are innovative. So asking rural health pros and students to submit their ideas for conference sessions is a bit like pulling teeth. Our members just don’t think of themselves as experts or of their projects as inspiration for others. But we know better. And NRHA knows how important it is to connect the thinkers and doers who are often isolated by distance and geography. We hope you’ll consider sharing the lessons you’ve learned at one of NRHA’s upcoming educational conferences to help impact rural health beyond your community. The 37th Annual Rural Health Conference is the nation’s largest rural health gathering and will cover all facets of rural health in 60-plus sessions submitted by you. It’s also your chance to plan a trip to Vegas next April. And NRHA’s Rural Multiracial and Multicultural Health Conference aims to share dozens of issues and ideas on how to serve the most underserved rural populations Dec. 3-5 in San Antonio, Texas. Submissions for both conferences will be accepted through July 15 so don’t delay.

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