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House Passes Continuing Resolution

The House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the Government today in a mostly partisan vote of 230-189. Current funding for Federal programs, including many rural health programs, expires on September 30th. After a week of intrigue, the final CR (HJ Res. 59), was pushed through the chamber.  The bill would fund the Federal Government at a level equal to FY 2013 for approximately 3 months, until December 15. The controversy surrounding the CR centered on the decision to mandate the de-funding of the Affordable Care Act.  Early versions of the bill would have included language to de-fund the Affordable Care Act but that language would have not been binding.  After discussions with Members throughout the last week, House Leadership decided to put forward a version of the bill that would mandate de-funding the law. The bill will be taken up by the Senate sometime early next week.  Media reports have indicated that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will propose an amended "clean CR" that will not touch funding for the ACA.  President Obama also promised to veto the House's version of the CR should it reach his desk.  Again, if a compromise is not reached by September 30th, funding authorization for Federal programs will expire and "non-essential services" will be suspended. For more information on the CR and Capitol Hill proceedings, click here or here.

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