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Senate passes bill allowing veterans to receive private care

The Senate passed a bill Wednesday allowing veterans to seek care from private providers if they experience long delays or live more than 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic. The bill also expands VA medical facilities across the country and calls for hiring more doctors and nurses to provide timely, quality care for veterans. Veterans experiencing long delays at the VA could access care at community health centers, Indian health centers, Department of Defense medical facilities or private doctors. Rural veterans face significant challenges in accessing the health care services close to home. A disproportionate number of those serving in the military come from rural communities. Time, distance, and economic challenges prevent many rural veterans from receiving health care benefits through a VA facility. Preventative care and follow-up procedures are often impossible. Removing these barriers and allowing rural veterans to choose care close to home in their rural communities will expand veterans’ access to primary, emergency, and inpatient care for rural veterans throughout the nation.

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