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Senate Passes Opioid Crisis Response Act

Last night, the Senate passed the Opioid Crisis Response Act with nearly unanimous approval (99-1). NRHA has continuously supported key legislation that would help to fix the funding formula for opioid programs, increase access to care, improve recovery resources, and decrease stigma. We are happy to see that many of the bills that we have long fought for are included as pieces of the Opioid Crisis Response Act. This is critical for the rural and Tribal communities that need tools to fight this epidemic.

We ask that, recognizing the role that substance use disorders play in the future of rural communities, Congress continues to provide those resources to underserved rural areas that make success possible. It is likely that the Senate and House will work to reconcile differences between their two opioids packages to move a final bill to the President's desk soon. 
For a full rural analysis of the bill, read our initial blog about the bill here

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