The Journal of Rural Health

The Journal of Rural Health, a quarterly journal published by the National Rural Health Association, serves as a medium for communication among health scientists and professionals in practice, educational, research and policy settings. It is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to advancing professional practice, research, theory development and public policy related to rural health.

The JRH Editorial Board is currently revising and updating its guidance on inclusivity and language for authors. In the meantime, please refer to the CDC's recommendations for inclusive communication.


Online access to articles

NRHA only provides full-text articles online to members. To access the journal, you will be prompted to log in using your NRHA member user ID and password. Contact NRHA's membership team with any questions about logging in.
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Every issue of the journal offers original research encompassing evaluations of model and demonstration projects to improve rural health, statistical comparisons of rural and urban differences, and mathematical models examining the use of health care services by rural residents. Summaries of recently published rural health research discuss the objectives, geographical focus, databases, methods and outcomes of the research.


Rural health professionals can find descriptions of innovative practice techniques geared toward rural settings and recommendations and guidelines for the delivery of rural health care services. Discussions of diseases prevalent in rural populations are also addressed in the journal.


Articles on rural public policy assess the impact of initiatives on rural populations and review current legislation and how it can affect rural health. The journal also offers analyses of the process and dynamics of public policy development and proposals for new policy perspectives to alleviate rural health problems.

Case studies
Specific rural health programs and practices are visited through the journal. These case studies offer a glimpse of how certain techniques and policies have worked in practice in rural settings.


Solicited critiques of recently published books relevant to rural health offer you an overview of the content and an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a publication.


The education of rural health professionals is also a focus of the journal. You'll find descriptions of innovative training programs, critiques of current approaches to professional training, and demonstration project evaluations inside the journal. New strategies to educate rural health practitioners for the future are examined as well.



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Australian e-journal

Rural and Remote Health is committed to providing an easily accessible peer-reviewed evidence base for rural and remote health and is the only international journal in this field. Subscription to RRH is free.


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