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Rural Horizons Archive

2023 Issue 4

2023 Issue 3

2023 Issue 2

2023 Issue 1

2024 Issue 1

Summer 2022

Spring 2022

Winter 2022

Fall 2021

Summer 2021

Winter 2021

  • Building a rural integrated network for specialty care
  • Health care's unique position in the response to human trafficking
  • Experiencing COVID-19 as a doctor and patient

Fall 2020

  • Rural leaders build networks to source PPE for hospitals
  • Mitigating the impact of COVID on rural families at risk for violence
  • The benefits of being a rural nurse practitioner

Summer 2020

  • COVID-19 relief: No margin for error
  • CDC on rural COVID-19 response
  • Mental health in a pandemic
  • NRHA’s Rural Health Clinic and Critical Access Hospital Conferences

Spring 2020

  • Chasing the horizon of rural telemedicine
  • Rural mental health challenges and hope for the future
  • Removing barriers to oral health access: A multilinked approach
  • NRHA’s 43rd Annual Rural Health Conference

Winter 2020

  • Approaching the issue of rural social isolation
  • Promoting a framework for age-friendly health systems
  • Rural EMS: Critical services hang in the balance

Fall 2019

  • All of Us Research Program One year after launch
  • Preparing nurse practitioners for rural practice
  • Make sure you get counted in 2020
  • WONCA World Rural Health Conference

Summer 2019

  • Searching for rural opioid crisis solutions
  • Shifting addiction stigma in rural Oklahoma
  • Treating 20,000 addicts in rural America
  • Do these rural health issues look familiar?

Spring 2019

  • Your rural data resources: the people behind the numbers
  • CDC as a rural resource: Q&A with Diane Hall
  • Community health workers key to rural oral health
  • NRHA comes to Atlanta

Winter 2019

  • Reimagining the role of physician assistants
  • Planting seeds for the future of rural health
  • Transforming rural communities through population health

Summer 2018

  • All of Us Research Program aims to enroll 1 million participants
  • A community-based approach to rural health research
  • A decade on the road: NRHA’s Brock Slabach on rural health

Spring 2018

  • Rural hospitals: The beating heart of a local economy
  • Tracing new pathways to rural practice
  • NRHA’s 2018 Rural Health Awards

Winter 2018

  • Expanding mental health support for rural veterans
  • Ice cream, soda, and Rx
  • Leveraging telebehavioral health services for rural veterans


Fall 2017

  • Revealing the scope of rural OB unit closures
  • Total immersion: Rethinking the future of rural health and well-being
  • Rural tech training, partnerships worth their weight in gold

Summer 2017

  • Rural PREP program does that and more for future docs
  • Aspiring doc’s old-school outlook on rural health
  • Dentist brings oral health best practices to rural community
  • Training builds rural health workforce one student at a time

Fall 2017

  • Revealing the scope of rural OB unit closures
  • Total immersion: Rethinking the future of rural health and well-being
  • Rural tech training, partnerships worth their weight in gold

Summer 2017

  • Rural PREP program does that and more for future docs
  • Aspiring doc’s old-school outlook on rural health
  • Dentist brings oral health best practices to rural community
  • Training builds rural health workforce one student at a time

Rural Roads Archive

Winter 2017

  • Shining a light: Counteracting physician burnout
  • Overweight but malnourished in rural America
  • Get to know NRHA’s new president
  • Childhood trauma tied to adverse health outcomes

Fall 2016

  • Gone country: Urban med student chooses rural practice
  • Physician grows flower shop into rural health network
  • NRHA honors rural health’s finest
  • Rural hospital that almost closed twice now thriving

Summer 2016

  • Rural law enforcement learn mental health crisis skills
  • A doctor’s take on rural hospital closures
  • ‘They say coal mining gets in your blood’
  • Providing care to veterans close to home

Spring 2016

  • Planting roots: Housing crisis threatens immigrant workers’ health
  • Camp aims to recruit rural EMTs
  • Reaching veterans through rural health networks
  • Rural resourcefulness thrives in changing health care landscape

Winter 2015

  • New lease on life: Rural community wins fight to re-open hospital
  • Natives care for neighbors after sexual assault
  • Rural leader finds freedom on frontier
  • Get to know NRHA’s new president

Fall 2015

  • Volunteer-run pregnancy support center beats the odds
  • Greenhouse nurtures confidence in psych patients
  • Walking 283 miles to save rural hospitals
  • How rural rivals created an award-winning partnership

Summer 2015

  • Going the distance: Geography often biggest obstacle to rural care
  • Small-town HIV outbreak a public health crisis
  • NRHA honors rural health’s finest
  • Researchers tackle rural childhood obesity

Spring 2015

  • School-based telemedicine brings docs to students
  • How a rural county pioneered population health
  • Network helps rural seniors age in place
  • Connecting rural veterans to specialists

Winter 2014

  • Recent grads open revolutionary rural clinic
  • Providing relief in a health care desert
  • Rural scholars return home to practice
  • Urban students gain rural experience

Fall 2014

  • Home on the range
  • Hospital initiative advances prenatal care
  • A rural county gets growing
  • Telehealth on the rise in rural
  • Advocates respond to shrinking rural representation

Summer 2014

  • Over the river and through the woods
  • Remote remedies connect Alaskans to care
  • 500 physicians matched in 35 years
  • NRHA honors rural health’s finest
  • Like doctor, like daughter

Spring 2014

  • Taking root: Volunteers dig in to feed hospital patients
  • Ranger credits rural blood donors with saving his life after gunfight
  • Small-town clinic grows with medical home model
  • Rural doctors focus on quality

Fall 2013

  • Sky blue pink: A picture is worth a thousand pills
  • Tribal trust: Native American veterans help peers get care
  • Partnership matches doctors with rural practices
  • Understanding the Affordable Care Act in rural America

Summer 2013

  • Rural hospital saves a baby, has a cow
  • Dr. Rhodes hits the road to help patients
  • A 20-something’s skin cancer diagnosis
  • Oklahoma hospitals respond when tornadoes hit

Spring 2013

  • Tales of a country doc
  • Physician, professor uses storytelling to engage students
  • Focus on rural mental health
  • Telehealth barriers, benefits
  • Rural hospital plays vital role when disaster strikes

Winter 2013

  • Black lung is back: Coal miners can’t catch a breath or a break
  • 40 years of rural recruitment
  • Rural Lens results
  • 6 reasons to race to Louisville

Summer 2012ing

  • Morris explains path from small-town sportswriter to ORHP head

Summer 2012

  • The friendliest skies: Aviator angels transport rural patients
  • Dental student brings awareness to hometown school
  • Rethinking design and culture at small hospitals
  • Family emergency introduces first-year doc to rural support system

Spring 2012

  • Message sent: One family takes texting tragedy on the road
  • School shooting forever changes young doctor
  • Staff give back to hospitals where they were born
  • Mother-daughter program aims to prevent STDs

Winter 2012

  • When home is the most dangerous place
  • Missouri nonprofits provide shelter and hope for rural victims of abuse
  • Rural food deserts leave residents hungry for nutritious options
  • White House Rural Council’s health priorities explained
  • NRHA shows doctor-to-be real scope of rural practice

Fall 2011

  • Pedal to the mettle: Med students bike across Oregon
  • Looking back on 30 years of rural HIV/AIDS
  • Small-town med school trains small-town doctors
  • Rural EMTs practice with mannequins that bleed

Summer 2011

  • Remote town recruits mission-focused doctor
  • Rival hospitals team up
  • On the line: Veterans’ crisis hotline saves lives
  • Identifying LGBT health care disparities, opportunities

Spring 2011

  • Montana bucks trend: Campaign reduces meth use
  • Lights, camera, rural Alabama
  • Remembering Rosemary
  • Teen donates children’s books to hospitals

Winter 2011

  • All smiles: Dental therapists take care home
  • Hospital donation helps college train nurses
  • Border health advocates share experiences
  • Delivery comes full circle for rural med student

Fall 2010

  • Amish outreach: Cancer project brings awareness
  • Mobile clinics deliver care to rural communities
  • Gulf residents struggle with uncertain future
  • South Dakota hospital connects specialists to small towns

Summer 2010

  • Hope for Haiti: Volunteers bring healing
  • Tornado turns Kansas hospital green
  • Doctor nurtures rural roots
  • Smoking ban reduces heart attacks

Spring 2010

  • On a mission: Pharmacists serve remote Alaska island
  • Wellness is contagious at rural hospitals
  • HPV programs promote prevention
  • Telemedicine brings veterans’ mental health care closer to home

Winter 2010

  • The beat goes on: Heart health in rural America
  • Hospitals prepare for pandemic
  • Connecting parents to school nurse office
  • Mental help for teens

Fall 2009

  • Monkey do: Unique service animals lend a hand
  • Robo docs diagnose from a distance
  • Cancer changes doctor’s perspective
  • Telemedicine treats diabetic American Indians

Summer 2009

  • Eat your veggies: Farmers’ markets enrich health and community
  • Married docs serve remote Alaskan island
  • Texting keeps clinic in touch
  • Redwoods at root of telehealth center

Spring 2009

  • Weathering the storm
  • Small hospitals resilient to natural disaster
  • Project pipeline
  • Employee satisfaction off the charts
  • Telemedicine connects rural New Mexico

Winter 2009

  • Relocation, recruitment, retention
  • International doctors serve rural America
  • Making harm history
  • Rural midwives deliver
  • Coffee shop nurse perks up community

Fall 2008

  • A fighting chance: War zone health
  • Real tooth fairies
  • The rural race to the White House
  • Mountains, moose and mammograms

Summer 2008

  • Patient praises cardiac partnership
  • Rural recruitment and retention
  • Collaboration addresses children’s mental health
  • NRHA volunteers rebuild homes

Spring 2008

  • 21st century house calls
  • Mental health care for HIV patients
  • The workforce pipeline
  • Gender gap in substance abuse treatment

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